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Delivery Information

Delivery Information

Grociore insure that all your order must be at your doorstep within hours not days, or at your comfortable convenient time provided by you. Our target for a normal delivery time is within 90 minutes after order confirmation, this can be consider as our express delivery service and will be chargeable if your order is less than 599.00 rupees.

We also provide special superfast delivery system, in this system we will provide your request within 30 to 40 minutes expected, at your doorsteps after order confirmation and this service is chargeable.Service charge will be 35.00 rupees per order.

Once our delivery boy deliver the product customer must give receiving of delivery and pay the bill amount if payment not done through online or request for payment on delivery, and release our delivery boy at earliest.

Registered customer can receive their order bill receipt through e-mail or/and whatsApp.

Customer must check all his requested product is to deliver in good and packed condition, weight and quantity also must be checked by customer, if any doubt customer can ask the delivery boy for exchange or replace the item if possible. Any claim which made after the delivery will not be consider, only in some special case it will review after investigation.

Below time schedule/slot will be applicable upon request of customer for their comfortable /convenient time.

Delivery timing slots.

Slot Shift

Slots Time

Morning Slots

08:00AM to 10:00AM

10:00AM to 12:00Noon

Evening Slots

04:00PM to 06:00PM

06:00PM to 08:00PM



Kindly contact our support service for further terms& condition at or 8298663333



Note:Natural cause like bad weather, may affect the delivery timing or any other cause like traffic jam, etc.  Which may beyond our control may affect the delivery system. We sincerely regret for that, if happen.