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Spinach | Fenugreek Leaves | amaranth Leaves

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Spinach, Fenugreek leaf and Amaranth leaf

Spinach, Fenugreek leaves and amaranth leaves are best vegetable high protein and different types of vitamin mostly people like this vegetable and make different type of dishes. This vegetable is very health and gives different types of nutrition which is very beneficial for health and saves from different kinds of disease.


Grociore sincerely concern about you and your family health as we know that there is lots of chemical coated and chemical mixed product is available in the market and those products is very harmful to you and your family’s health, our motive is to provide fresh and healthy product in genuine price. We assure you that we provide you chemical free and without any artificial chemical & color coated product.   

Grociore picked & collect fresh vegetables directly from local farmers in order to provide you fresh and organic vegetables at a reasonable price on a daily basis. Grociore believes that local fresh vegetable is best for our family’s health compare to the exported product which stored for a long time in cold storage. Good health will make strong INDIA.  

Grociore assure you to provide the best service at all time

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Amaranth Leaf / Lal Saag Bundle, 250 g

Amaranth Leaf / Lal Saag Bundle, 250 g

13.00₹ 15.00₹ Ex Tax: 13.00₹

Products Description Amaranth Leaf or Lal SaagAmaranth red leaf is the very best leaf vegetable in Hindi lal sag or also called cholai saag, it’s come in also green. Leaf has very good nutritious, it is very tasty to eat at lunch with rice, bu..


Fenugreek Leaves / Methi Saag , 250 g

Fenugreek Leaves / Methi Saag , 250 g

15.00₹ 20.00₹ Ex Tax: 15.00₹

Products Description Fenugreek Leaves / Methi Saag, 250 g Bundal Fenugreek leaves are green leaf vegetable, in Hindi called Methi Saag. Methi ka Saag is a very famous recipe in India, most people use it. it is very che..

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